If your heating system is not running as well as it should be, a Powerflush might be the answer.


A Powerflush rejuvenates your heating system and flushes out existing sludge and debris in a safe manner. This cleanses the system, ensuring it works efficiently and to the best of its ability... saving you pennies.

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What is Powerflushing?

Why Powerflush?

As soon as your heating system is installed and filled with water, deterioration of the system begins. The combination of water, air, a mixture of metals and installation debris will result in internal corrosion. Sludge forms in low flow areas, building up in boilers, components and radiators. This affects how well your heating system works.

What is Powerflushing?

Powerflush is a unique process which is carried out on a heating system to restore circulation and efficiency. This one off process is recommended to be performed every 6-8 years for the safe removal of sludge and debris from the system.

System Symptoms or Signs

A number of symptoms could indicate your system has issues...noisy boiler, continual part failures, poor circulation, cold spots on radiators, air in radiators, dirty system water, radiator valves sticking and system slow to heat up.

How Does a Powerflush Work?

Water and chemicals are pumped through the system at a much higher velocity than usual. The flow of the water helps to immobilise harmful corrrosion deposits, therefore clearing pipework and components, helping to rejuvenate the system. There is no additional pressure on the system with this process so it is completely safe.

Does it Take Long and Will it Make a Mess?

The Powerflush machine is connected to one point of a heating system, normally where the pump is situated. From this position it has full access to every part of the system - from the boiler to the pipework, valves and radiators, for this reason mess is minimal. The whole process normally takes 4-6 hours to complete.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost is calculated based on the size of your heating system for example, the number of radiators. For an eight radiator system the average cost is £380.00. A Powerflush can avoid the need to replace a whole heating system, therefore saving you money and providing real value.

What Our Customers Say...

"I was extremely impressed with the Powerflush work you carried out on Tuesday.  The system is running more efficiently and most importantly it is very quiet. I found you very courteous and you explained every part of the process and the work involved in layman's terms"

Powerflush - Lewis, Peebles

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You're in Safe Hands

Our Engineers have been power flushing for over 10 years. Once your system is Powerflushed you will receive a certificate and two year guarantee.